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Goetze's Candy is Nut Free!

Caramel Creams® and Cow Tales® are made in a dedicated, nut-free facility. You can enjoy a Goetze sweet treat with the assurance that our caramels are made and packaged in a facility that has never processed nut-containing products. Goetze’s Candy products are sometimes re-packaged under another brand, with other candy products, or sold by a retailer in a bulk display, so be sure to review the Allergen Information your package prior to consumption.

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Chocolate Caramel Creams®

Coming to a store near you… Chocolate Caramel Creams®! Made with real bittersweet chocolate and cocoa, Chocolate Caramel Creams® are your favorite caramels with a double burst of chocolate! Look for them next to bags of “Original” Caramel Creams®.

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