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Goetze's Candy is Nut Free!

Caramel Creams® and Cow Tales® are made in a dedicated, nut-free facility. You can enjoy a Goetze sweet treat with the assurance that our caramels are made and packaged in a facility that has never processed nut-containing products. Goetze’s Candy products are sometimes re-packaged under another brand, with other candy products, or sold by a retailer in a bulk display, so be sure to review the Allergen Information your package prior to consumption.

Save Your Wrappers!

Goetze's Caramel Creams Sweet Stuff - Save Your Wrappers. Trade them for free stuff!
Trade your Caramel Creams® wrappers for Sweet Stuff like a tote bag or apron! Learn More »

Goetze's Cow Tales Sweet Swag - Save Your Wrappers. Trade them for free stuff!
Trade your Cow Tales® wrappers for Sweet Swag like a key chain or flash drive! Learn More »

DIY Holiday Crafts:
Caramel Creams® Candy Wreath

Craft your own candy wreath for the holidays with your favorite American-made caramel treats! This beautiful DIY caramel candy wreath is super fun and easy to make. Your friends and family will love it! It’s sure to delight guests and “sweeten” your holidays! Learn How »