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About Goetze

Goetze's Candy Company Made in USA, Made in America


Goetze's Candy is a family owned company located in downtown Baltimore, MD. Founded in 1895, we are celebrating more than 120 years of making sweet treats in the USA. Since the 1940's, our staple product has been Caramel Creams®—a soft, chewy caramel wrapped around a decadent cream center—a tasty, iconic American treat. In 1984, Goetze’s Candy introduced Cow Tales®, an elongated version of the classic Caramel Creams®.

Today, Caramel Creams® are available in six flavors—vanilla, original chocolate, chocolate, strawberry, apple, and licorice—and Cow Tales® are available in four flavors—vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and apple.

Our Heritage

Goetze's Candy was founded in 1895 as the Baltimore Chewing Gum Company. In the early 1900’s, Goetze’s began making caramels. In the 1920’s, Goetze expanded the business and moved to a bigger building in which Caramel Creams® and Cow Tales® are made today.
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Commitment to Quality

The Goetze's family has always had a passion for excellence, throughout each of the five generations. Production has increased, the building has expanded, and products have grown to include additional flavors, but the care that is put into the confections has never changed.
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Commitment to Community

Dedicated to community, Goetze’s Candy formed the Give & Goetze program. The Give & Goetze team works with youth leadership groups and is comprised of a group of runners who help charities prosper one mile at a time.
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Made in USA

The Goetze family is committed to manufacturing in the USA and to keeping the company in Baltimore, Maryland where it was founded. Ongoing support of the local economy is an obligation that we believe has lasting rewards.
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