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Made in the USA

Proudly Made in the USA since 1895

Made in America

Caramel Candy Cream Center Made in USA Made in AmericaGoetze’s Candy products, Caramel Creams® and Cow Tales®, are 100% made in the USA. Goetze’s began as The Baltimore Chewing Gum Company in 1895, manufacturing a variety of confections in Baltimore, Maryland. In the early 1900’s Goetze’s expanded to a larger facility in the city, and began production of the chewy caramels we know today as Caramel Creams®. A century later, Caramel Creams® and Cow Tales® are still made at the same building in Baltimore.

In addition to our dedication to manufacture in the US, Goetze’s Candy also purchases materials from American suppliers, whenever possible, to support other American businesses. As a 5th generation owned and operated company, Goetze’s Candy is proud to be an American household name and to make our caramels in USA.

Support American-Made

Enjoying Goetze’s Caramel Creams® and Cow Tales® is a sweet way to support American-made! In addition to our chewy caramel candies, America’s favorite lollipops, Dum-Dums, and American Licorice’s Red Vines are also made in USA. Whether you’re in the candy aisle for caramels, lollipops or licorice, remember that with Caramel Creams®, Cow Tales®, Dum-Dums, and Red Vines, supporting “Made in America” doesn’t get any sweeter!

Thank you for supporting American-made!


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