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Commitment to Community

The Goetze family is committed to keeping the company in Baltimore, where our traditions began so long ago. Ongoing support of the local economy is an obligation that we believe has lasting rewards. Not only do we hire locally, but we also focus our long-term vendor relationships on local and regional partners, in turn supporting the local economy. 

We have recently developed an initiative called Give & Goetze that is centered around the Boy Scouts which allows us to give back to the community on a local and national level.

What is Give & Goetze?

Give & Goetze is a unique type of initiative; a chance for Scouts to Do a Sweet Turn Daily. This initiative – available to Scouts across the nation – rewards ingenuity, teamwork, and generosity. It is more than just a contest or donation, it is a multi-faceted program involving Scout participation, designed not only to make a difference in their lives, but also in their communities. 

Give & Goetze is a sweet way for Scouts to show that they care. We know that they are already out, being active in their communities. The program was designed to engage and challenge Scouts, and to then reward the "good turns" by providing them with the means to do a sweet turn in return. 
What is Give & Goetze?

Operation Welcome Home Maryland

Since December 2010 Goetze’s Candy Company has partnered with Operation Welcome Home Maryland (OWHMD), a group of volunteers who greet Service Members returning from deployments at BWI Marshall Airport in Maryland. Goetze’s Candy Company has donated over 36,400 fun packs of Caramel Creams® for the “welcome home” bags OWHMD gives to returning troops. On Wednesday, June 18, 2014, team leaders, Sue Albright and Bob Collins, presented the OWHMD challenge coin to Goetze’s Candy. We are honored to partner with this wonderful organization and proud to offer our continued support.

Volunteers are always needed to give our troops the hero’s welcome that they deserve. For more information about Operation Welcome Home Maryland, visit OWHMD’s Facebook page.

Pictured (left to right): Sue Albright, Mitchell Goetze, Patty MacCord, Todd Goetze, and Bob Collins.

Operation Welcome Home Maryland

Boy Scouts of America

Goetze's Candy is working with the Scouts because it is a like-minded organization with similar heritage and values. In fact, Scouting just surpassed its 100th year, while we have been doing business for over 115 years! For example, we both: 
  • Are fairly conservative organizations
  • Strive for excellence in what we do
  • Hold values such as integrity and loyalty in high regard
  • Promote fun and happiness
  • Encourage healthy, balanced lifestyles
We hope that by aligning ourselves with an organization that is so active throughout the country, we will be better able to reach more kids and increase the likelihood that they would join programs such as the Scouts, and lead healthy, happy, successful lives.
Boy Scouts of America

Team Baltimore Racing (TBR)

We partnered with Team Baltimore Racing (TBR) for Baltimore's inaugural Grand Prix! We decided to capitalize on the opportunity to work with an organization like TBR for a number of reasons:

  • They were working with the Scouts – the perfect link to our Give & Goetze initiative.
  • To strengthen our tie in with the Scouts and allow for us to be more active in their community.
  • It's fun and exciting! Not only is it a great way to increase interest in our initiative, but also increase interest in Scouting in general.
  • It helps support the local (Baltimore) community.
To learn more about the initiative, please visit www.giveandgoetze.com, or to check our pictures from previous events, please visit www.facebook/giveandgoetze.
Team Baltimore Racing (TBR)

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