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Launched in 1984 as an elongated version of Caramel Creams®, Goetze's Cow Tales® are made of chewy caramel wrapped around a cream center. Cow Tales® are made with wholesome wheat flour, dairy milk, and cream ingredients; they are naturally low in fat, low in sodium, and cholesterol free.

Cow Tales® are available in Original/Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel Apple, and Strawberry flavors.

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Do you love Cow Tales®? Are you a number one fan? Do you go all the way to the store just to pick up Cow Tales®? Loyal fan, this is for you! Thank you for supporting American-made. Thank you for spreading the word about Cow Tales® being delicious, chewy caramel treats and not actual cows’ tails. We thank you and want to give you free Cow Tales® swag! Just send us your empty Cow Tales® wrappers in exchange for sweet Cow Tales® swag! Here's How »

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Official National Tractor Puller Association NTPA Cow Tales Shirt

Cow Tales® is an official sponsor for the National Tractor Pullers’ Association (NTPA)! The Cow Tales® cow, Duke, will be at all of the NTPA events and giving away FREE Cow Tales®!

Check out Duke on YouTube and get the official NTPA Cow Tales shirt online.

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Cow Tales Made in USA
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Goetze's Cow Tales are Nut Free

Halloween Pumpkin

Mini Cow Tales Halloween Pumpkin, trick-or-treat! Nut Free!
Trick-or-treat! If you’re waiting for The Great Pumpkin, look no further! The Great Pumpkin is here, and it’s filled with Mini Cow Tales®! Available fresh from Goetze’s Candy Company, order the Cow Tales® Halloween Jack-O-Lantern by Sunday, October 26th to ensure delivery by Halloween. Order Now »

The Perfect Halloween!